Twin Protocol ("Twin") is an innovative solution that redefines an individual’s personal presence, creating unique digital twins that encapsulate their expertise. It's a platform where knowledge is preserved, shared, and evolved, offering 24/7 access to mentorship and insights from industry leaders. The company’s proprietary technology combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to address key global AI challenges. These challenges include AI security, ensuring data remains secure for individual use rather than large technology companies;, creating new revenue streams using AI; accessing AI in an easy and fun way;, and monetizing personal information in new ways with AI.

Twin Protocol was created by successful entrepreneurs and technologists and incubated by SingularityNET. The latter was founded by Dr.Ben Goertzel, who is also a member of Twin’s leadership team, with the mission of creating a decentralized, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). SingularityNET is currently in the process of merging with Fetch.AI and Ocean Protocol to form Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), positioning it as the world’s foremost decentralized AI platform.

Having your own digital twin provides a myriad of benefits to end-users, revolutionizing professional training and knowledge sharing. It empowers users to effortlessly develop their digital twin to interact with AI through responses, recorded meeting calls, and documents. Powered by Twin AI technology and leveraging the innovative SingularityNET platform, it employs neural-symbolic techniques from the OpenCog framework, founded by Twin team member Ben Goertzel.

Twin Creators build the digital versions of themselves that capture their subject matter expertise, knowledge, and personality through documents, questionnaires and other materials provided by the individual. Alternatively, they can ‘train’ their digital twin by talking to them or through analysis of existing photos and videos. These can then be shared with others through a tokenized marketplace, offering a significant potential for cost savings for businesses by retaining the key knowledge of subject matter experts and company alumni. This innovation provides significant new value for AI for individuals worldwide, allowing them to more easily understand AI, access, and promote their skill set to create new revenue streams supported by enhance AI security. What’s more, by signing up for a Twin ID, the Twin Creators knowledge is safely stored digitally in their Twin Vault, a blockchain-based storage facility for their memories, training data and information.

Once their Twin is trained and deployed, a Twin Creator can access valuable personal insights from the Twin platform, both internally within the enterprises where their Twin is implemented and externally via the Twin Skills Marketplace. Enterprises can purchase TWIN tokens to support the use of their digital Twins, allowing them to share knowledge more efficiently across the organization, with their stakeholders across industries, or with customers. Twin Protocol unlocks new levels of corporate intelligence by allowing enterprises to combine separate Twins' knowledge. Meanwhile, Twin Creators benefit by receiving TWIN tokens every time their Twins are accessed in the marketplace, allowing them to earn passive income. Furthermore, the Twin ID, used throughout the platform, confirms how users safely access their personal decentralized AI data saved in their Twin Vault, a blockchain-based storage facility for their memories, training data, and other information.

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